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Sex in Singapore

Sex Singapore at the age of 81 years has one of the sweetest fortunes with 18 billion dollars is the owner of Ferrero chocolates, one of the largest producers of chocolate in Europe. Among its brands are Ferree Rocher, Nutella, Tic Tac and Kinder Eggs.

He tied a legal battle against a Chinese company that also makes chocolates wrapped in gold paper, but did not reach any conclusion.

He is determined to expand into Asia, mainly India, where plans to build a plant Tic Tac $ 35 million in 2009. His passion to go to church and eat chocolate.

In April 2011 one of the heirs, Pietro Ferrero died in South Africa where he was on business. The son of Sex Singapore, representing the third generation of this company had an accident when he fell while riding her bicycle, probably due to a blackout.